Got Scammed? We Will Uncover Fraudulent Practices

Dishonest service providers online are many and they are cheating their clients so badly. If you are the one who lost money to crooked online transactions, you must know that you are not alone. Consider us as your friend will assist you with international wire scam recovery, through the relevant recovery processes. Revenue Surveillance Corpration team make sure to help you to restore your international romance fraud losses and are proud to be part of the struggle to make the online environment safe and scam-free.

If you are seeking recovery from a mining scam, romance fraud, or any other related online scam, we are 24/7 available for helping fraud victims recover their funds as quickly as possible.

Lost Your Money To An Online Scam? Here Is How We Can Help

Check our international romance fraud recovery process, which will help you to recover losses from international wire scam or mining fraud. We are confident enough and have a great negotiation power to get your money back. Here is how we can help-

Research and Analysis

Every case is unique and our professionals treat it in a comprehensive manner. We are experienced and have a rich understanding of the romance scam to other online scam phenomena. To assist you with your case, we ensure to use the practical tools to explore new developing trends and ideas.

File A complaint

Our mining scam professionals are always ready to help; hence they encourage people to contact them for a free consultation to assess how they can help you.​ At your request, they will file a complaint and open a case

Fight & Dispute

This is the time where we use our intelligence, skills and negotiation power. We very well know how to deal with the banks, credit card companies, mining scam agents, and others, professionally. This gives us great success and makes us different from other inexperienced mining fraud recovery companies.

Get Your Money Back

No matter what kind of romance or mining scam you have faced, we will start recovering your funds by repossessing every transaction you’ve made to the romance scam and their intermediary banks.

Our wire scam recovery is simple but unique, so be happy as just one phone call will give your funds back quickly.